Jan 4, 2009

Flea Market Finds

I went to the Pasadena City College monthly flea market. Most of the vendors were inside the parking structure. A small Asian man was peddling enlightenment at the entrance, but I found mine in a plastic tub at one of the vendors.

I also found an actual signed photo of Pedro (Pepe) Infante, the famous Mexican actor/singer I never heard of. Apparently he was very big in the "Golden Age of Mexican cinema."

You find interesting treasures at a flea market. I saw a young woman carrying her loot: Two halves of a mannequin. Black torso in one arm, silver legs pointing to the sky in the other. She - the woman, not the mannequin - seemed embarrassed, cast her gaze on the ground.

I had my own finds.


Viewliner Ltd. said...

Just 2 words VERY COOL. Here are some more words. Do U think the girls in the second picture are "Campfire Girls"? U know like girl scouts. I think so. Great picture. The dogs are great too. Never heard of Pepe either. Nice finds.

Miss Havisham's Tea Party said...

The are you telling me you got a picture, a photo, an actual photograph of two twin shepherds?


Petrea said...

I love the way photos used to look, with those painted backgrounds. The forest behind the dogs looks eerily real. The photos are all wonderful.

Do you feel like you rescued them, in a way?

altadenahiker said...

If someday you want to give me a great present, it would be what you found in that tub. I have that insufferable habit.

Vanda said...

Camopfire? Maybe, but only one of them is a girl. ;)

Miss H, I don't think they are twins. One has a much pointier ear. Maybe first cousins?

Petrea, I'm like the ASPCA of old photos.

Karin, me too. It's incurable. It's constantly getting me in trouble.

Anonymous said...

Pedro Infante, SCORE! Taschen Press has a great little book out on posters and stars of Mexican cinema. Beautiful illustrations. Maybe Senor Infante makes an appearance.
Is the seller the older woman who spreads her paper wares willy nilly across tarps? She's my favorite.

Miss Havisham's Tea Party said...

What a strange bird I am. I see I've written here with left out letters and added words that hit the forehead with redundancy. Vanda, of course, you're right. Those two sheps aren't twins. I want them to be boy and girl twins. I want to name them Hap and Sap.

Old photos are full of mystery and potential story fodder. Thanks for posting them. Forgive my trespass.

altadenahiker said...

Go to the My Account link on your blog. Then you should see the link for analytics. Get the code and post it after the body area in your html. Yes, I know about the web crawlers, but they can't all be in Paris. By the way, those two kids remind me of the twins in the Shining.

Grace@PoeticHome said...

The flea market is home to such unique phenomena. I think some of the most interesting things I've seen in my life have been in or around flea markets.

Your enlightenment and photo finds are fantastic!

Sven said...

Great finds! A copy of the Shepard twins now stares at me at work.

Anonymous said...


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