Jan 2, 2009


It's a most unusual day in The Valley as it's being blanketed in thick, cold, wet fog.

If it wasn't for the palm trees it could be Minnesota in October. I have the sudden urge to listen to NPR.

The banks of the mighty LA River.

If you stand back and squint it could almost be Central Park in New York.


altadenahiker said...

Good job with the powerlines. You made them look romantic.

Or, as we say in wordvericistan, hicaliz. Very hicaliz.

Miss Havisham's Tea Party said...

The fog has driven you to want NPR? Oh, dear. Have some more lentil soup. It breaks my heart.

BTW, I had a huge trout on NYE. I'm so daft.

Vanda said...

NPR = Garrison Keillor = Minnesota = cold weather. He is my Huell Howser.

Miss Havisham's Tea Party said...

AHA! You are a trickster. You are also probably a secret member of the Professional Organization of English Majors. I should have guessed it but I'm no Guy Noir.

Anonymous said...

The mighty mighty L.A. river! If Los Angeles should ever come up with a city theme song it ought to start with those words.
I think that first photo is actually a fairly good representation of Los Angeles. More in line with Nathanael West. About Garrison Keillor, I believe he's woefully underappreciated for the radical thinker that he is.

altadenahiker said...

I wish he wouldn't sing. Ever.

Vanda said...

Yes, the singing... Oh well, "nobody is perfect."

Petrea said...

Radical thinker, yes. He is, after all, the one who came up with "Current Occupant." And that's from one of his milder diatribes.

Singer, no. Never.

Vanda said...

He is so soft spoken, for a while I assumed he was apolitical, but head some real zingers in this recent politically charged period.

Grace@PoeticHome said...

I have never seen LA look like this! What a trip to have fog so dense, but your photos certainly are lovely.

Anonymous said...


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