Nov 26, 2011

Gallivanting in the Garden

Last Sunday was a day rotten to the core – rainy, gloomy, good for nothing but staying inside and hibernating. But then Monday did a complete hundred-and-eighty with sunny skies and balmy temperatures.

So I went to The Huntington. It’s a shame, I know, but I’d never been before. The Japanese Garden is closed for sprucing up, but the place is still plenty big to kill several hours.

In one corner I found piles and piles of wonderfully prickly cacti. They made me think of Dive.

For most part you’re allowed to walk on the grass too - that’s how I found these delightfully slimy shrooms. I think they are Velvet Foot Mushrooms, but won’t swear to it.

I found some stone children frolicking around – my favorite kind, they’re very quiet.

Stone people need stone chairs to sit on.

One of these days I need to go back to check out the library and the museum too.

Nov 20, 2011


I know it's not Turkey Day yet, but I was in the mood. I got a nice half turkey breast and stuffed herbed butter under the skin. I also boiled some potatoes, sliced them up and put them in the bottom of the roasting pan. On top I placed the turkey breast, and into the oven they went. During roasting some of the butter escaped, nicely juicing up the potatoes. Delish!

I didn't make cranberry sauce because I had some from COSTCO - yummy and all natural.

Nov 6, 2011

Flea Market

It's cold, wet, and miserable today, and there's no way I'm going anywhere, even the flea market. However, I've never posted last month's pictures. So here they are!

Ferret circus. Why not? I bet Hamlet is much more fun with ferrets.

I kinda wish I bought this bunny-shaped tea pot. I don't know what I'd do with it, but it's fantastic.

Once a hustler, always a hustler.

Only you can prevent forest fires! Oh wait, wrong bear.

Dummies freak me out.