Jan 22, 2009

All Dressed Up and Nowhere to Swim

These are probably my oldest photos. I had to play around with the brightness/contrast to bring out some detail.

That is some serious bathing clothing.


altadenahiker said...

Wow, circa what, do you think? Why does everyone look out of proportion in the second picture? Did they grow heads bigger in the old days?

Vanda said...

I believe that's their giant swimming turbans.

Anonymous said...

I'm intrigued by the woman in black. She's the itty bitty silhouette in the background of the second photo.
My grandmother had one of these kind of swim suits. Get this, I remember her swimming in it in her neighbors pool back in the late 60's. She lived to be 95. I miss her, she was great.

Vanda said...

I agree, the woman in the background is the most intriguing. She seems to be lamenting.
I had no grandparents growing up. But I have a few pictures of my mother in a bikini that was considered "shocking" at the time in the small town where she was living. Maybe I'll post them later.

altadenahiker said...

The lady in black is lamenting the big heads. (Do show those pictures.)

Petrea said...

I would guess circa 1900, give or take 10 years. Victorian style really hung on.

My word is panduce. I'm gonna use it for something. Maybe a new recipe. Shakespeare created words all the time. One of my favorites is "fadge," which I still use, but it never really caught on.

Mister Earl said...

"Panduce" is a powerful bread that leaves all the other breads behind.

What did Shakespeare mean by "fadge?" Was it a craze for eating fudge? Something to do with gays?

My word is "nicat," which is a compliment in any language. Although in some neigborhoods it would be bad luck to cross the path of one.

Petrea said...

Shakespeare uses "fadge" to mean "to turn out," or "work out." In "Twelfth Night" Viola, who's been disguised as a boy, realizes Olivia has fallen in love with her. In a soliloquy she wonders, "how will this fadge?"

So yeah, something to do with gays. Shakespeare adored gay humor and playing with gender identity.

Vanda said...

Who knew blogging can be so educational?

Anonymous said...


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