Oct 25, 2008

Phil's Diner

Phil's Diner must have at one point been a local landmark, but by the time I found it, many years ago, it was already half gone. Physically it was still there, closed, but still standing on a scraggly, barbed wire fence spotted side street between Lankershim and Vineland. The neighborhood has gone under a transformation since the NoHo metrolink station opened nearby. The somewhat rough looking streets have been gradually been taken over new development.

The actual structure of Phil's have stayed around for a while, moved off the street to a yet undeveloped yard. Eventually it just disappeared, and now all that's left of Phil's Diner is this mural on Chandler Blvd.

There is good news however according to the Los Angeles Times, the diner will be restored and relocated to a nearby spot. Undoubtedly it will be a hipster place, still I'm looking forward to it.

Oct 19, 2008


I've been driving all over San Fernando Valley today, but didn't stop once to take pictures. No inspiration. So I was just driving around listening to Prairie Home Companion, and then some finance nitwit giving unsound advice to listeners. I'm convinced that most of these "experts" don't have the foggiest clue what they are talking about, or have any common sense even. I decided that the only people I'll be listening to are those who have seen this mess coming years ago.

When I found the picture of the burning care I picked it for its visual appeal and because there is a mystery to it. It's a frame from a narrative.

Oct 5, 2008

The Big Chill

I shot these pictures a few weeks ago, South of the Glendale part of San Fernando Road. I'm not sure what that area is called. There is a huge Levitz furniture store there that closed recently. Now it's just a big white building and a huge empty parking lot. There are a row of small furniture stores right next though.

Behind them, there is a bit of an abandoned railroad with overgrown grass.

I walked down to the end where I found what seemed to be a homeless person's encampment.

It could have been a pile of rags or someone sleeping. I stopped and turned around. I figured it's rude to walk into somebody's bedroom, even if it's outdoors.

I have not been out photographing the past few weeks. I've been fighting a cold and obsessing over the economy. I spent the weekends drinking chamomile tea, and scouring the web trying to figure out which financial analyst is right and how much I should be worrying.

The weather has turned, the nice gloominess offers a welcome break from the relentlessly blaring sun. I should go out tomorrow and take advantage of this light. Unless if it's raining.