Dec 31, 2011


I could spin a spiel about reflection and their relevance at the end of the calendar year, but I just can't be arsed. The truth is, I have a handful of nifty photos I want to post.

I took this one while getting a pedicure. There are mirrors on both walls, facing each other, resulting in an interesting layering of visual information. At least I thought so.

This is the shiny floor of Arclight Hollywood's lobby in the daytime.

This is the same lobby at night, and shot from the opposite direction. Those gold squigglies atop are the movie showing times.

I took this photo last night. Stopping by the neighborhood grocery store, I notice the reflections on a black SUV and couldn't resist.

This image is from a while ago. It's the entrance of the Flamingo hotel in Vegas, and its reflection on the trunk of a cop car.

Have a good new year, peeps.

Dec 14, 2011

Flea Market

The first Sunday of December was a beautiful day: bright, sunny, with a seasonally appropriate nip in the air. Complete opposite of the one in November.

No surprise then that the Pasadena Flea Market was busier than a beehive on spring cleaning day.

I bagged yet another typewriter, but will post picture of that later. I have three now.

The flea market is also a great place of holiday shopping for the budget conscious. And honestly, who wouldn't want an eighties style red leather jacket for Christmas? Look how many zippers it has!

If you think twelve bucks is too much for this old toy, you can always haggle. Although, some take it to extreme. I came across a new vendor, a Chinese couple who wouldn't take no for an answer. I thought I might have to chew off a limb if I wanted to escape without purchasing something.

Ain't these great? Just think about filling them up with hot cocoa and then topping it off with giant marshmallows. It would be like drinking Santa's brain!

These should be sold by the pound.

Tired from all the walking? Put your feet up!

Well that's it for now, I'm packing it in.

Dec 6, 2011

Happy Krampus Day!

In parts of Europe St. Nicholas' Day is celebrated on December 6th. On the night of the 5th St. Nicholas - Mikulás in Hungary - comes around and leaves small gifts - mostly fruits, nuts, candy where I came from - to those who'd been nice. The interesting part is that he has a demonic sidekick, Krampus (Krampusz in Hungary). This guy is generally portrayed as an ugly, furry creature with horns, sometimes with one human foot and one cloven one, sometimes with two of the latter. His job is to take the naughty children away, not sure where.

Denmark has something similar, Sinterklaas, but there St. Nick arrives on a steamboat and his sidekick is Zwarte Piet, a politically incorrect black guy, who takes the bad children to...Spain! If that's not enough reason to be naughty in the middle of the Danish winter, I don't know what is.