Jul 18, 2010


We are having a heat wave here in LA. In The Valley the temperatures went up to 95ºF (35ºC). So I feel it appropriate to post some some summer themed vernacular photography.

Despite of hating to sleep with the AC on, I like summer. I like the hot sun bleaching out the landscape.

I like going on local road trips in summer time - taking the long way down to the coast. I take windy little roads that land me far north of the popular beaches of Santa Monica and Malibu.

I don't care a whole lot about the beach itself. The Ocean is an alien thing to me; it smells funny and it's frigging cold. Thanks to the giant clockwise current of the North Atlantic the waters along the West Coast are always frigid. I guess I should be thankful for that, because with warm currents LA would probably be hot and humid like Florida.

Temperatures are supposed to go back down to very manageable low 80's by midweek. At least that's what my phone is telling me, and my phone rarely lies, though occasionally has an alternative interpretation of reality. Existential stuff.


dive said...

"It smells funny and it's frigging cold."
Hahahahaha! Thank you, Vanda for making my Sunday a giggly one.

Great photos but I especially love that first one. Surreal yet saucy. The tale of that particular ménage-a-cinq in their little wicker beach hut would be well worth hearing.

I hope your telephone tells you the truth and your temperatures become more manageable this week. It was 102 in my house last weekend and I finally gave in and bought an air conditioner. Since then it's been in the low seventies so I'm using the thing as a plant stand. Hey ho.

Brown said...

well written, love the photos as usual. never trust anything that needs to be charged :) there is to much that can be misunderstood.

Angie said...

Looking at those old pictures makes me SOOO grateful that I can live in a day when it's acceptable to where a LOT less clothing in the summer! If I had to wear those get-ups I would have surely not lasted 1 afternoon!

Vanda said...

Imagine wearing corsets in this heat!

Pasadena Adjacent said...

These are great Vanda. Is that first photo taken in America? I recognize the coastal parking down off of Pacific Palisades (I think)

btw: your phone is true. Cool weather at last

altadenahiker said...

I love a man who wears a business suit to the beach.

Totally with you on the A/C thing. I'd rather sweat (until it goes to triple digits).

Petrea said...

I love the summer, too--hot weather and sun are a couple of the reasons why I moved to LA.

And Angie's got it right about the clothes.

Those photos are wonderful. Make me nostalgic for a time I never knew.

Vanda said...

PA, I assume so they are local. I find foreign photos time to time, but not very often.

Karin, me too. I have little bit higher tolerance to heat than most people. Not tolerance to cold though.

Petrea, we have such nice weather most of the time, really. I'm not complaining (much).

Dive, 102 is hot! I didn't think it could get so high over there in the old country. I usually use my AC for two weeks cumulative in a summer.

Havisham Patrizzi said...

I'm kind of in love with the idea of corsets, and the whole steampunkt thing.

Vanda said...

I'm in love with indoor plumbing. :P

Havisham Patrizzi said...

Some corsets provide indoor plumbing.

Giovanni Carlo Bagayas said...

Very nostalgic