Jul 3, 2010

Signs Of Other Times

LA is a great place to find old signs, shop window decorations, and old things in general.

Not that hundreds of years of European kind of old, but makes you think of black and white television old.

The great thing about them is that they are not trying for a retro look, they just are what they are.

This place sits in the semi-industrial wasteland bordering Burbank/Glendale. As I was taking pictures a man came - I think he might have been the proprietor - and asked me why I was photographing the store. I told him because it had character. He got it.

I'm now officially collecting old signs. Pasadena and Altadena have a bunch of them, and I'll have to drive over just for that.


Petrea said...

Let me know when you're coming. I can show you good ones. These are great.

VM Sehy Photography said...

I love old signs. Like a window into the past.

GreenTease said...

Totally dig old signs great pics!!

Vanda said...

It's not like other cities don't have them, but LA definitely has an overabundance of old signs.

Amy said...

These photos are great! I collect old signs too, and you're right, this town is stinky with them. There are a lot of fun ones in the North Hollywood/Burbank area too.

Vanda said...

There are bunch of amateur murals too.