Jun 26, 2010


I give you two kinds of tacky. I found them both in LA. The first kind in front of a furniture store catering to whites and Hispanics with a taste for the gaudy. The second one in an Asian store.

The figure in the foreground might be some sort of pirate - with a black wig. The background is some religious painting, I wouldn't what. I love the juxtaposition.

Hurray for stereotypes!

There is no true kitch display without angels.

Asians do it with fish. Check out those piggies too!


Golden cauliflower? It doesn't get better than that.


Petrea said...

Love the cauliflower. I've seen it in orange and purple, but this is the first gold I've come across.

Vanda said...

Would you like one for Christmas? It would look great on the coffee table.

Petrea said...

Um, thanks, but um, we, um, I think we already have one.

Margaret said...

ummmm. Golden cauliflower.

dive said...

Please take me shopping with you, Vanda. I SO need to spend all my money in places like these.