Dec 22, 2009

Christmas and Stuff

Yay! We are almost at the finishing line! A few more days, and the season of Peace on Earth will be over, and we can have some real peace. I can barely wait till the grocery stores go back to playing their usual crappy music. Meanwhile, let's mock other people's holiday miseries.

Nothing says Holiday Cheer like stuffing the youngins into uncomfortable miniature suits. Also, nice buzz-cut, dad.

These guys look miserable. I would too in front of that wood paneling. Auntie Marge looks happy enough, but I suspect that's booze smiling.


dive said...

Hoorah for revelling in the misery of others! Mockery is a fine Christmas tradition and we grinches should make the most of our opportunity.

Wonderful, hilarious photos, Vanda, though the middle one looks scarily like my own childhood.

Happy hols, Ms. Scrooge.

Vanda said...

Thank you Dive for making me feel that I'm not the only anti-xmas weirdo in the world.

Cafe Pasadena said...

Happy Christmas & Stuff 2 U 2, TB!

Herrad said...

Happy Christmas.

Petrea said...

That child in the first photo looks genuinely happy. What is up with that?

I've got nothing against Christmas. It's just rare to find Christmas itself actually celebrated, if you know what I mean.

altadenahiker said...

Nevertheless, I'm betting you made one great torte. Merry Christmas Vandy.

Vanda said...

I did make the cherry thing, of course. I'll be making some Mexican Xmas bread pudding too soon. said...

You may hate the season but it brings out some great photo finds. It also appears your not above gracing a holiday party or two. My offer still stands...20 bucks for the red nose and reindeer antler set you wore the other night. Ho ho ho!