Apr 19, 2009

I Will Never Pay Money For Pickled Beets Again

2 kg red beets
5 tbs vinegar (20%)
15 dkg sugar
1 tbs salt
2 tsp caraway seeds
7 dl water

Wash the beets, cook them in the water. Let it cool. Save cooking water. Peel beets, slice them, put them in clean jars.
Add the vinegar, salt, sugar and caraway seeds to cooking water and boil. Poor it over the beets. Put the lids on tight. Keep refrigerated.

I know, it's all in metric, but the truth is I wasn't measuring anything. You can't get 20% vinegar anywhere anyway. So I just threw in stuff as it seemed to make sense and it came out fine.

Once you ate all the beets, use the pickling liquid to pickle some hard boiled eggs.

You may say, dear reader, "yech, beets, who needs them?" Well, don't so be hasty, the beets are tasty. They are also said to have high levels of anti-carcinogens and some other healthy stuff.

While some people can't tell beets from kale, folks in the Old Country have a heightened awareness towards anything that can be pickled. Cukes are just the starting point. Small red cherry peppers (hot), yellow round peppers stuffed with sauerkraut, green tomatoes, baby watermelons (size of a tomato, unique flavor), and so on.


Cafe Pasadena said...

Where can I get them for FREE, w/o becoming homeless?

Margaret said...

I am intrigued.

altadenahiker said...

I'd like to meet the idiot who can't tell beets from kale.

I would tell her WV pratoili.

pasadenaadjacent.com said...

Even though I have boiled beets in the past, I have to confess, I have two cans of string beets in my cupboard. Great in a feta/mixed green and walnut salad.

Desiree said...

I love beets. What does 15dkg measure to, in California?
Also, just came across a bottle of rose made from pinot noir grapes, called Vanda

Vanda said...

I knew about the orchids named Vanda before, but not the vine. Thanks for letting me know.

K, I implore you to plant some beets this time. And some dill too. Have I ever told you about sun pickles?

PA, they they are tasty and add color to any salad.

altadenahiker said...

Impore no more. I have dill already planted and beets to come, just to help you start that cult. You'll have to cook 'em; I have an MFK Fisher recipe.

altadenahiker said...

Check this out. All beets, all the time.

Vanda said...

Well you know, if the president doesn't like beets that's his right. I personally can't stand celery stalks (the roots are fine).

Wunx~ said...

Plain beets are best left for others to consume, but pickled beets, now those are food.

P.S. My Mother-in-law from Latvia was named Vanda.

Vanda said...

Interesting coincidence. Not a common name.

I've read tales of roasted beets. I should investigate.

Sara Cook said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
lifeofasmile said...

haha great!

check out my blog

terrorpitbull.blogspot.com said...

Cool . . . I only pick the best of blogs, a lot of good interesting subjects to read about. Keep it up, John.
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