Oct 3, 2011

iGallery Augury

I’ve realized that these days almost all my posts are about the flea market – meaning that I post once a month. So just to break the pattern, I will post something else, even though I went to the flea market yesterday. Instead, here it is a random selection of iPhotos with a nonsensical commentary. Enjoy. Or not. It’s all the same to me.

The world will end in 2411. Don’t you believe me? You fool.

I have irrefutable evidence – I divined it myself from this double egg yolk. It’s so obvious.

The Heavens will split open,

and the Earth shall rupture.

From the depths of the Sea,

the beasts will rise.

Humankind will be split into two, to be sent to Heaven

and Hell.

Or did I mix the two up?


dive said...

I was looking forward to the latest bizarro selections from the flea market, Vanda, but these are even better.
What a shame I won't live to see the end of the world if it's going to be as pretty and fun as you tell it. Hey ho. I did eat fresh baby octopus at the weekend so at least I'm doing my part to bring about the end of days.

Vanda said...

Was it live baby octopus?

dive said...

Unfortunately not, but even when they're dead the little cuties sure do wriggle and writhe in the pan and wave their tentacles about like crazy.
I might well video that and post it to gross people out.

Petrea Burchard said...

I don't care, I won't be here.

I always like your iPhotos.

Vanda said...

Yeah, me neither. Makes it easier to prophesy.

Speedway said...

I love your pictures. And the strange things you find at the flea markets. I've a feeling that were the world to end while we are here, all the blogs would have interjectory posts of the same two words -
"Oh,$%@*!" - and a picture.

Vanda said...

Haha! If the end of the world came, people's first reaction would be to tweet and make Facebook posts about it. Somebody would of course post "first," but by the time he'd hit the send button he'd be way down the queue.

Pasadena Adjacent said...

^ ^

you've just revealed the secret to loosing "Jeopardy"