Jul 24, 2011


I've gotten inconveniently busy as of late. It shall pass. Till then I have random flea market weirdness.

I found these two singing trios at two different stalls, far apart from each other. They're completely different, yet similar.

Makes you think that there should have been a third somewhere, but there wasn't. Or maybe there was, I just didn't find it. Have I failed a mystical quest of utmost importance I didn't know I had?

I frequently have the feeling that reality is swooshing over my head, while I stand like a half-blind wretch in the grocery store, surrounded by blur.

I was listening to Spider Robinson's The Callahan Chronicles, and an expression jumped out at me: "flurry of triplets." I thought "What a great utterance!" and was jealous that I didn't come up with it, like Chanlder's "The streets were dark with something more than night." Then I Googled it, and apparently "flurry of triplets" is a musical term? And I was picturing three identical ankle biters turning a house upside-down.


Cafe Pasadena said...

Which flea mkt were these found at?
Good to sea u back on the blog trail! And I just hope you're getting paid for being inconvenienced.

Petrea Burchard said...

Ditto Cafe P, I hope you're being well paid for your trouble.

This is one of my favorite posts of yours. I love the mood you set.

"...the feeling that reality is swooshing over my head, while I stand like a half-blind wretch...surrounded by blur."

I've had this feeling before, but only in foreign countries...

Desiree said...

"do mi nika nika nika"
with soulful doowop counter point

dive said...

Playing flurries of triplets is great fun, Vanda. I hope you bought that first singing trio; I know I would have done. Fabulous!

Vanda said...

I do my flea marketing on every first Sunday of the month at the Pasadena City college.

Petrea, I still remember my first trip to a US supermarket. I was stumped by the wall of cereal, especially since I'd never eaten cereal in my life before.

Sorry Dive, I didn't buy it, but if I see it again, I will and mail it to you.

dive said...


Petrea Burchard said...

Yes, the cereal boxes. A market is a perfect example. Everything is so strange when you're a stranger.

I remember a news story about Boris Yeltsen shedding tears in a supermarket in someplace like Philadelphia, although I believe his reasons were a bit different.

Now I can't get the soul version of Dominique out of my head.

Margaret said...

Flurry of triplets is a great turn of phrase, but ankle biters is good too.

Pasadena Adjacent said...

you can never get enough of singing nuns. the streets run dark with them

Speedway said...

Smokey and incense and soul -- different but the same and made into cookie jars. I want the top one.