Aug 11, 2010

Famous Movie Quotes #1

This is one of my all time favorites.

It reminds me of family get-togethers.


altadenahiker said...

Oh, then you had some sophisticated disfunction at the Nagy house.

One would think I'd be quoted out after yesterday, but one would be wrong. I'll be back (that's not a quote).

Vanda said...

I've been just talking to a friend today, and we came to agreement that families are "complicated".

Lyn said...

I could have used that a few weeks ago when we had a toss in the family.

I would be the Lady storming away.

Interesting. It make me want to write something.

Vanda said...

So why don't you? :)

I've been tricked into a family gathering the other day. A friend of mine called asking to come by for some spring rolls she made. I should've know better, but I can't resist her spring rolls. It turns out the whole family was there. She has a large Asian family, and they sort of adopted me. It was a perfect family gathering, complete with crying baby, stressed out sister and fussing mom. :P

Lyn said...

I love spring rolls. The best I ever had were in Thetford, England. I was stationed at Lakenheath AFB.

I also had the very best Indian food there. Spicy and addictive, but it will remain the foremost memorable meal.

If you were here I'd probably trick you into our family nights as well. Food is like a delicious glue that binds the fibers of family ties.

Tonight it's Manicotti here. I'll think of you while I laugh with my family.


Pasadena Adjacent said...

I've taken that bumpy ride; many times. Nothing like the mandatory prayer circle where Ramona officiates. Mother is an expert at quoting the bible incorrectly. We once prayed for the starving children of Samoa. And then it went downhill from there