May 13, 2009

Fun with Photos

I love these 60's color photos, but sometimes the color shift in them - usually towards magenta - bothers my photographic sensibilities.

I recall my college days, when it took a color photo around 12 minutes to wind its way through the developing machine. Many hours were spent in the photo lab inhaling chemical fumes. Fortunately it's all Photoshop now.

After adjusting the color I also punched up contrast, saturation and sharpened the image a little. It looks more realistic, but to be honest, I prefer the softer middle image.

Some images are so far beyond repair, that you might as well just go nuts with them.

The main feature of this photo the identical green dresses of the girls, so I made them extra saturated, while desaturating the flesh tones.

Here you have it. The leprechaun family got a new home.


altadenahiker said...

That bottom picture is so creepy. They look like a bunch of mass murderers.

Vanda said...

I'm quite fond of them, especially the girl with the super goofy smile. I think I need replant them. More to come...

altadenahiker said...

Yeah, ok. For god's sake, don't give them anymore Miracle Gro.

Cafe Pasadena said...

These shots came out wunderfully!
You're a color magnet. said...

Oh I so adore the pea green family. Makes me want to invite them over for green eggs and ham

altadenahiker said...


KMfamily ;-) said...

seems very commercial to me / could see it as an add for something in ESPN mag - still love it!

Vanda said...

Hehe thanks. I think it's a bit silly.

Zofia's Zone said...

Brilliant idea and excelent job.
I like that.

Greeting from Lodz, Poland

J&D said...


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