May 3, 2009

Electric Refrigerator Recipes and Menus

I picked up this beauty for a quarter at the flea market.

"Recipes prepared especially for
the General Electric Refrigerator


Principal of Miss Farmer's School of Cookery,
Cooking Editor of Woman's Home Companion,
Author of: Cooking for Profit, Candy Cook
Book, For Luncheon and Supper Guests"


Is she holding a jello? What is it, strawberry or pickled beets? I wonder.

I always thought that people who had afternoon bridge parties had hired help to take care of the sandwiches and other refreshment.


Margaret said...

I look old things like that. Where did you come across it?

Margaret said...

Oops. I mean I love old things like that. Blah!

Vanda said...

It was the flea market in your neck of the woods. You should try it out. First Sunday every month!

altadenahiker said...

My mom was big on the bridge circuit, and not all the bidders had hired help. But almost every meeting included cracked crab, mixed nuts, and lots of ashtrays.

Vanda said...

That sounds a lot like a poker night from the Odd Couple. What is cracked crab? said...

My grandparents bought a lot and built their home on it in 1930. It included a General Electric refrigerator. I could be wrong but she still had that fridge when she died in 1995 and it was still going strong.

Burnt Offerings said...

I occasionally find things like this mixed in with the stuff I keep stored away at my Grandmother's. I usually just put it back, figuring maybe she either thought I could use it, or figured I wouldn't lose it.

Annalee said...

That would be fun to flip through.