Mar 30, 2009

Today's Color: Red

You always find something interesting in Altadena.


Margaret said...

I guess I know what you did after the bloggers' picnic.

Pasadena Adjacent said...

Hah! you beat me to the punch on this one....don't you have to love that grade school clock plastered to the side?

altadenahiker said...

Hey wait a minute -- that second one is at my stables. Did you stop by and ride Vandy? Huh Vanda? You're practically related.

Vanda said...

Apparently, without knowing it, I'm stalking you. That cul-de-sac smelled of horses. What's up with that strangely shaped house?

altadenahiker said...

I've been told it's a FLW, or some such famous architect. Reminds me of a ferry boat. don't know those people, unfortunately.

J&D said...


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