Mar 22, 2009

Pictures of a Windy Day in the Valley

Wacky weather today. Sun in, sun out, crazy winds and a patch of rain.

Sit down weary traveler. Or not. The old chair dumped on the street was far too obvious for a picture, but what the heck.

I deeply apologize about the blatant juxtaposition of the boat dumped under the no dumping sign. My feeble excuse is that I didn't set it up, just found it that way.

There is nothing wrong with having a life size horse statue in your front yard. The squirrel certainly doesn't think so.


altadenahiker said...

Ha! Where did you find the horse? That crazy hood.

Pasadena Adjacent said...

Far to obvious? I like your obvious but I'd never take it home with me.... That horse looks like my dearly departed Nee Sha Sha.

Pasadena Adjacent said...

I went back to your series of photos on your web page. Beautiful work.

Vanda said...

Thank you. I try.

altadenahiker said...

Damn right she's good. And she came along for one boxer trot around the block. Begged off on a second; she said I'm very tiresome and walk like a soldier.

Vanda said...

Actually, she walks like a marine. I couldn't keep up on my short little legs.

altadenahiker said...

Hey, I like the adopt a pet tag.

Petrea said...

Just noticed that Adopt a Pet thingy myself. Nice.

I like these pics. Is the chair too obvious? I'm glad I didn't get a pic of the sofa I saw on Walnut the other week.

That photo of the "no dumping boat" would be a Zen Monday shot.

Susan C said...

Hi Vanda, The dessert you brought to the bloggers picnic was divine. Do you think you could send me the recipe. It was great to meet you.


Vanda said...

It was nice to meet you too. You can find the recipe here

J&D said...


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