Nov 10, 2008

Square America: Wonder Girl

After ten days I have internet again. Jose the Technician was very helpful and knowledgable. It turns out that my dedicated dsl line was disconnected at the phone box. By whom and why remains a mystery. He also told me that he never before saw a dedicated line by Earthlink.

I wonder what that W stands for. It makes me think of Wonder Woman. Having grown up on the wrong side of the ocean/iron curtain/cold war I was not exposed to this bedrock piece of Americana at the time. I later got to know about only through still images and text. Some months ago at the insistance of a friend I got to watch the pilot episode. It was a hoot! I had no idea it was so tongue and cheek.


altadenahiker said...

Some of these photos you find Vanda, I wonder where these people are today and why no one wanted to save their pictures. Guess I'm stating the obvious question that's implicit in your posts.

Vanda said...

Yes, that is always there. Photography is very closely entwined with memory. Once nobody is left to remember the person in the photo it gets discarded. It is sad, as it reminds us of our own mortality.

I feel that collection old photos is a lot like archeology: digging up dusty old bones, giving them new lives while wondering who they used to be.

Petrea said...

When my mother died she entrusted the family photos to my younger sister. I have two sisters and a brother. None of us have children. What will happen to our photos when we die? I hope someone like you will want them, because I can't imagine who else will.

That W looks to me like a school letter. I think she's a little cheerleader, and very proud of her uniform, too.

Vanda said...

I have a large framed wedding photo of complete strangers hanging in my living room. There is a story how I got it. I probably should post it.

Petrea said...

I'd love to see it, but only if you tell us the story.