Nov 7, 2008

One Fish, Two Fish...

I still don't have internet at home. After six days of twice daily discussions with Earthlink tech support they finally came to the conclusion that something is indeed wrong and they need to send out someone. I figured that out by Sunday afternoon. My favorite part is that every time I call in we start over from zero, as I'm being told to reboot the modem. Good times.

What does it have to do with fish? Absolutely nothing.

I've picked up these funny fishing photos over the years. I like the way the photographer is so focused on the fish that the he crops the persons head off. I had professor in St. Louis who used to photograph that way, but intentionally. He would stop people on the street, on the beach and asked if he could take their picture, but he shot them the neck down. I think he was really onto something. The pictures were actually more interesting without the distraction of faces.


Anonymous said...

Was your professor an art professor?
When I had earthlink I would beg them to let me come to their headquarters to sit down over a cup of coffee and discuss my tech problems in person. I think they're on East Orange Grove in Pasadena/Altadena. I switched to another provider

Vanda said...

Photography professor of course. :) He was a short guy with a friendly disposition and curly hair. He reminded me of Albert Einstein. He was one of my favorite teachers.

Earthlink's IT headquarters might be in Orange Grove, but I'm pretty sure that most of their staff is in India. Somebody is coming out on Monday. If it doesn'tget fixed then I'm switching over to ATT. They have some service bundles. I could also switch my Time Warner cable to ATT dish. I'm not overly happy with TW.

altadenahiker said...

and I'm sure they ended every conversation with "Is there anything else I can do for you today?" Drives me up a fucking wall. You're right about the headless photos; I focussed on the clothes in the second picture. Those are the clothes of a hard-working man.

I'll checkout your frenchman.

Vanda said...

They did!!!! I wanted scream at them "What do you mean "else"? You haven't done anything for me yet!"

Petrea said...

Ah, earthlink. The only worse companies (we've been through several) are SBC (we had to threaten a lawsuit) and Charter. We still have Charter (broadband), but I now have a direct phone number to an "escalation specialist."

My mother used to take photos like these, unintentionally.