Feb 23, 2008

Furry Pigs

The mangalitsa, aka mangalica, is an ancient Hungarian breed of pigs, descent straight from wild boars. I had known of them for a long time, but I used to think they were just a curiosity like the Hungarian longhorn cattle that is kept around in the Hortobagy National Park for the entertainment of tourists. However, thanks to Michael Ruhlman I've learned that this furry piggy is also the source of superior tasting gourmet meat.

It turns out that there is a farm in California that not only raises these pigs but does it in a sustainable and organic way. You can learn all you want about them from their home site
or blog. There are even a bunch of video clips of the pigs doing things that pigs do. The piglets are incredibly adorable.


Anthony said...

Superior tasting?

I'll be the judge of that. Please make some and bring it by my desk.

Sven said...

I want to eat furry pig!