Dec 31, 2011


I could spin a spiel about reflection and their relevance at the end of the calendar year, but I just can't be arsed. The truth is, I have a handful of nifty photos I want to post.

I took this one while getting a pedicure. There are mirrors on both walls, facing each other, resulting in an interesting layering of visual information. At least I thought so.

This is the shiny floor of Arclight Hollywood's lobby in the daytime.

This is the same lobby at night, and shot from the opposite direction. Those gold squigglies atop are the movie showing times.

I took this photo last night. Stopping by the neighborhood grocery store, I notice the reflections on a black SUV and couldn't resist.

This image is from a while ago. It's the entrance of the Flamingo hotel in Vegas, and its reflection on the trunk of a cop car.

Have a good new year, peeps.


VM Sehy Photography said...

Cool shots. The cop car is my favorite.

The Viewliner Limited said...


Vanda said...

My fav is the grocery store. And eah,happy new year!

Margaret said...

And a good year to you, too.

dive said...

Whooee, Vanda. You make Stephen Shore look like an amateur.
I love that first shot so much. The rest are fantastic but have to confess that one of the best photos taken of America in 2011 shows you getting your toes done. Yay!
Have a great new year!

Mister Earl said...

Cool photos, Vanda. Happy New Year!

Vanda said...

Lol, Dive. With the iPhone I'm never without a camera.

Happy New One, everyone.

Petrea Burchard said...

Happy new year, Vanda. Great shots, all of them.

Pasadena Adjacent said...

Kind of like the tree merging from the wall. Happy New Year