Nov 13, 2010

iShoot Square

I keep playing with my apps. For a long time Hipstamatic was a favorite. Give me John S lens and Ina's 69 film and I was set.

Occasionally I wandered into B&W territory with one of the Blackeys films.

It's funny how all this digital technology that slowly but surely making film, paper and darkrooms obsolete is the sexiest when imitating what it replaces.

Not that I'm bemoaning the lack of chemical fumes and aching feet of ours spent in darkrooms. Along with me across the world a billion bathrooms also sigh in relief.

My chosen Hipstamatic combo has a pronounced greenish tint. Sometimes it works brilliantly. Other times it doesn't.

These days I more often just take a regular photo, then if I like it run it through lo-Mob.

This app applies frames and visual effects after the fact, giving more control to the user.

Lo-Mob has a lot of options, but I'm unfailingly drawn to the "vintage instant - reframed" setting.

I have thing for square images.


Amy said...

Lo-Mob and CameraBag are the apps I use the most. It's very addicting to tinker with the photo apps. So much so that I'm mostly getting an iPhone for that purpose (I've been using my boyfriend's).

Vanda said...

You could just get an iPod, but yeah, why not go all the way. I haven't tried CameraBag, but played around with SwankoLab.

-K- said...

I don't know what any of these pps are, but, wow, you've got some great photos here.

Petrea said...

I like square images, too. You've really mastered these apps, Vanda.

Vanda said...

Thanks -K- and Petrea! I don't know if it's a good or bad thing that nowadays I take more pictures with my iPhone than with my Nikon D300.

Petrea said...

Let me know if you get tired of that Nikon.

Vanda said...

you're funny Petrea. ;)

altadenahiker said...

the last one is so elegant. The oyster disturbs me greatly.

dive said...

Darn it! I go blog-free for a few weeks and miss this awesome set of photos. You so totally rule, Vanda.