Sep 26, 2010

I Love L.A.

I really do. For many reason I won't go into right now, but currently I'm in awe of the weather. After biding my formative years under the temperate climates of Europe, the fact that after having spent the previous week turning on the heater and wondering if it's time to pull out the big down comforter, I'm suddenly finding myself in a 100º+F heatwave - at the end of September! - is outright exotic. Even after the slushy winters and sticky summers of Missouri, or the half-the-year-is-winter weather of Northern Indiana it's utterly revolutionary. The 30º+ temperature change from daytime high to night time low is also impressive.

I also adore the fact that the Valleys and the coast have completely independent weather system. Yeah baby!

To you poor cousins living on the other side of the Great Puddle, wrapped in your overcoats and fuzzy shawls, I have only one thing to say: PFFFT!


VM Sehy Photography said...

L.A. is awesome when the sun is out. I don't know about 103, though. When I was living there, I always felt like I was frying when the temps got into that range. However, it was nice that the nights were cooler, but still warm. We had our own Indian Summer today. It was 90 degrees out. In Montana, in late September. Go figure.

Vanda said...

90 in Montana I would think is pretty high for this time of year. And they say global warming is a bunk!

VM Sehy Photography said...

90 is pretty high. And it's warm again today. We usually get a last blast of summer sometime between here and October. I think it's especially noticeable this year because it was cold and rainy all summer. Like Summer and Fall got all mixed up.

Jean Spitzer said...

It was cool (in the 70s, maybe 80s) in Austin today. First day that I've been here that air conditioning wasn't wanted. Definite change of season feeling.

Was just listening to the Randy Newman song yesterday; been hearing it in my head all day.

Jan said...

Fall is rolling in here in the NorthEast and honestly, I don't miss the blistering heat right now. Just don't show me that weather graphic in January/February/ then, I'll be of a completely different opinion.

dive said...

This side of the puddle it's been raining solidly for days and I'm sitting here in a damned sweater waiting for spring.
You made the right move, Vanda.

-K- said...

A few weeks ago I heard on KPCC the word "micro-climates" to describe all the varieties of weather here in Los Angeles.

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