Feb 14, 2009

Happy Singles Awarness Day!


Havish said...

I love getting a new hat but where's the steak? (I mean, cucumber sandwich)

Petrea said...

Yes. Yes, that's the thing. It's fine for people in love, but I remember my years upon years of singlehood when Valentine's Day felt like an insult. It was a day of mourning for me, a day I just wanted to hide.

Margaret said...

It is sort of an elitist holiday, sort of lovey-dovey in-your-faceness.

altadenahiker said...

Can you read what's at the bottom of the card Vanda? My french isn't good enough -- something about a pretty man and a woman stopping herself.

Petrea said...

It goes something like this:
"When she first sees a handsome lad
Without hesitation she stops herself
Then he carries her hatbox
The milliner"

It's rough, but there you have it.

J&D said...


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