Oct 5, 2008

The Big Chill

I shot these pictures a few weeks ago, South of the Glendale part of San Fernando Road. I'm not sure what that area is called. There is a huge Levitz furniture store there that closed recently. Now it's just a big white building and a huge empty parking lot. There are a row of small furniture stores right next though.

Behind them, there is a bit of an abandoned railroad with overgrown grass.

I walked down to the end where I found what seemed to be a homeless person's encampment.

It could have been a pile of rags or someone sleeping. I stopped and turned around. I figured it's rude to walk into somebody's bedroom, even if it's outdoors.

I have not been out photographing the past few weeks. I've been fighting a cold and obsessing over the economy. I spent the weekends drinking chamomile tea, and scouring the web trying to figure out which financial analyst is right and how much I should be worrying.

The weather has turned, the nice gloominess offers a welcome break from the relentlessly blaring sun. I should go out tomorrow and take advantage of this light. Unless if it's raining.

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