Aug 23, 2008

"Sun Vally"

I turned down on Pendleton Street only because of the canary yellow auto body shop on the corner. Being Saturday it was busy, cars parked all around, so I just jutted down the address and drove on. The street dead-ended with a beat up blue fence advertising Valley Mustang Auto Parts. I almost missed this rusty gate and and the drunken king, off to the side, but the breeze was banging the metal parts together, as if to get my attention. I can't make up my mind which cropping I prefer.

Some other photos from earlier this summer:

Side of a recycling place a couple of blocks from Tujunga. I have photographed this spot multiple time with varying success.

Back of a muffler place on Magnolia. I shot this in May. The place have been in the neighborhood as far as I can remember and probable longer.
On the door a "Notice of Belief of Abandonment" was taped, something about the rent not being paid for 14 months. The place is empty now, signs gone, all painted over in real estate neutral.

There are million different churches in The Valley.

I prefer shooting in evening or when the sky is overcast, storm is gathering. Those are rare times, but the colors are so much deeper. Shooting under the blinding Southern California sun is tricky.


Sven said...

You should post a picture of the muffler place now. I'd love to see how it looks (esp. with the abandonment sign...)

Vanda said...

I was thinking about. Very un-picturesqe.