Jun 15, 2008

Found Photos - Interiors

I found this set of five photographs also at the antique paper fair. They must date back to early 20th century - I'd guess 20's or 30's.

They are most unusual in that they show the interiors - multiple rooms - of a house. These kinds of photographs are not very common even today.

The actual photos are pretty small: 3 2/8 x 2 2/8 inches. They are probably contact prints.

I scanned them in at high resolution and it picked up the paper's texture as well, but also gives a better view at some of the finer details.

I'm dying to know what those tall pointy objects on top of the dresser might be.


Fred said...

Those tall pointy objects on the dresser--could they be candles?

Vanda said...

They don't look a lot like candles to me, but you never know.

Fred said...

Well, I can't defend my guess very strongly, but that's all I could come up with.

They do look strange, though, whatever they may be.