May 31, 2008

From Fellini's Lost Photo Album

I call them found photographs, as in "found objects."

I went to check out the Vintage Paper Fair in Glendale. Most of the fare, especially the postcards, were pricey compared to what they usually are in antique stores. However I found one stall where there were boxes and boxes of photographs, almost all snapshots, for $ 1.- each. Perhaps not the cheapest, but fair. I must have spent at least an hour looking through them, and only saw a fragment.

The above photo was my best find. The woman in the busy floral blouse leaning in from the side, eagerly looking into the camera and trying to nudge her child do the same, but he is looking out of the frame, while two people in the background are apparently discussing shrubbery. It is an absolute masterpiece. Something about this photo reminds me of the films of Fellini, or even more, Woody Allen's homage to Fellini, Stardust Memories.

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